send in the clouds

Cloud Photographs by Kay Ekwall and JP Ekwall

Sunsets/ Beautiful skies/ Fog/ strange skies/ lenticular clouds/ to boldly go

chemtrails/ lightning/storms/ fire-smoke/ Moon/ Kelvin-Helmholtz

fire smoke
Josephine county, Or 2013
Bucksin Fire Josephine county, OR
Shasta County,Ca
Josephine country, Or 2019
Josephine County, Or 2013
Yreka, Siskiyou county, Ca
Castle crags, Siskiyou Co., Ca
Cave Junction, Or 2013
Josephine co, Or 2014
Josephine co, Or 2014
Josephine co, Or, June 2014
Josephine co, Or, June 2014
Cave Junction, Josephine Co, Or June 2013
Rough & Ready Creek, July 2013
Josephine county, Or July 2013


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