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JP Ekwall/March 2, 2022


Volcanic Eruption May Be Biggest Ever Seen From Space


This was seen in Seymour, MO

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the 'curtain' effect

West Coast of Oregon at the Pacific Ocean


Storm in Hawaii, July 2020 by Robynne Richards

June 2020


Lovely pink clouds that look like an angel

angel clouds


New Video .....Rain

Kelvin-Helmhost Waves/Billow Clouds


Moon and Jupiter

Nov. 28, 2012, Southern Oregon night sky full moon and Jupiter

moon and jupiter nov 28 2012


touch the sky, smudge the clouds

"To Boldly Go"


Sedna, Goddess of the Sear

Sedna, Goddess of the Sea, for sale.....check out slideshow

Clouds in the news

Fighter Jet Captures Towering 'Fire Clouds' Over California
Unidentified Floating Object: Mysterious cloud that looks like a UFO is spotted over China 

Sept. 29, 2014

Flash Photography: 'Bolt from the Blue' Caught on Camera
What is a Cloud? Cloud basic 101
Various Ice Halos
Taken by Olivier Staiger on January 23, 2015 @ on cable-car from Crans-Montana to Les Violettes ski region, Switzerland.
“Stop Geoengineering” Billboard Goes Up In The Heart Of Reno
Another billboard goes up in the ongoing and rapidly intensifying effort to expose the climate engineering insanity to the public. This billboard is in the heart of Reno, Nevada near the intersection of State Highway 395 and interstate 80. Every day the climate catastrophes continue to increase around the globe. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet which are greatly affecting the climate system, the ongoing global geoengineering programs are the greatest assault of all against our biosphere. From the constant toxic aerosol spraying to the constant bombardment of radio frequencies (that are part of the climate engineering assault), the onslaught of decimation related to climate engineering is truly relentless. This particular sign was funded by friends who wish to remain anonymous at this time. My most sincere gratitude to them and all those that are helping to support our ongoing efforts in this battle.
Shelf Clouds and Roll Clouds: Not Tornadoes, But Still Scary and Ominous (PHOTOS)
A shelf cloud, also known as an arcus or arc cloud, may be the most frequently submitted cloud photo to our weather.com photo gallery and Facebook page. Based on their appearance, we certainly understand why. The whole article at the link
A more rare variety of this type of cloud, a roll cloud, resembles a giant rolling pin in the sky. The first two photos in the slideshow from Lake Hendricks, Minnesota, on June 20, 2015, show a terrific example of a roll cloud.
To understand how roll clouds form, we first must explain how shelf clouds develop.
Shelf clouds are typically seen at the leading edge of a thunderstorm or squall line of thunderstorms. While menacing in appearance, shelf clouds are not tornadoes or wall clouds.
Incredible 'fire rainbows' just appeared in the sky over Britain
Blood red moon over New York skyline captured in spectacular photos


Towering cumulus cloud puts on a dramatic show across the North Sound
Incredible Lenticular Clouds show around Mt. Rainier
The types of clouds: everything you need to know
Gigantic Jet Lightning Near Hawaii
Rainbow appears in Taiwan for 9 continuous hours as experts claim it has broken record
Jaw-dropping sky phenomenon spotted above Ecuador - Baffling
Billow Clouds/Kelvin-Helmoltz/mt. shasta
Billow Clouds/Mt. Shasta
Billow Clouds/Mt. Shasta
Billow Clouds/Mt. Shasta

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